Press release
From the beginning, we've got a lot of ideas in different genres and settings. But then we just stopped on an idea from the life of our programmer.

He went on a diet because of his wife. Be sure that on Sundays he is a big fan of beer with grilled meat. In other way his wife for several years lives and follows the laws of vegetarianism. There are a lot of conflicts in their family. So in one beautiful day his wife set an ultimatum. Now he is on diet. We decided that our human characters should be collective and clichéd images taken from society.
About Project and Main Hero
Initially, the game was planned as very dark and bloodthirsty project. The main character should turn out to be very creepy and intimidating project.

When we start working on the first concepts and planning time, we estimated that we needed a lot of time for those kind a game. And the rating for such a game will be pulled to 18+. So we can said that the estimated time of the project influenced the age rating.

Therefore, we've made a decision to make a single, but very unique mechanic that will set us apart from other projects of similar genre. Exactly on this idea we've built the methodology of name building and the main hero concept.
What do we want to show
In the first way, we wanted to make the player feel like he's a meat grinder in 2D universe and yes, it's as absurd, as it sounds.

The hero himself, the setting and the characters - this is complete absurdity and we're seeing a certain charm in it. But we don't make any target to insult vegeterian ideology.

First of all, we've made the game which can attract you and give a lot of fun through the gameplay itself.
First reactions
On the release day PlayStation promo team posted a trailer for our game on their official YouTube channel. After that we received a flurry of negative comments from people who stepped in for vegetarianism.

We didn't want to insult people or vegetarianism by any means. We apologize if someone is offended by this situation. We do not promote the meat lifestyle, because there are vegetarians in our team too.

First of all, we showed a number of problems, such as bottomless dumps, deforestation, waste pollution, wastewater, genetically modified products. To a greater extent, we hoped to draw your attention to how corporations get away with it and don't even care about that scary problem. Even ordinary people often behave themselves like an animals, forgeting to collect their garbage after a picnic.

An important thing in our game is Shanky and in the game he works as people representator .

The main idea of this character was to show how much human сonsumes meat and how person, in case he wants it, can reduce the level of meat consumption to minimum, as Shanky can do it. There are a lot of such subtexts and it's possible that this idea seemed not obvious to many of gamers.

Our main task today is to create interesting and unique games, not some imaginary and offensive abusing.
We hope that with our next project we will prove it.

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